it’s time to drinkwmv

Hi Felisity !I hope that you are well.Coul you do the following video : The title / A too much difficult taskAt the beginning you are simply sitting on your desk (like the joined gif Crossing legs at work). You are trying with difficulties to solve a problem moving regularly your legs and feet in your beautiful high heel sandals from the clip”came with a disco of the 05/04/18″. As a slutty secretary you are wearing stockings (white if possible) and have a heavy make-up and lipstick. You were sexy outfit and  your panty is visible. Your fingernails and toenails are painted.Because the problem to solve is too hard, you begin to drink to manage your stress. After a while you are not more concerned by the problem, beginning to be drunker and drunker. You throw the papers in the air.Then are stumbling around the room, giggling stupidly and hiccuping.Then , because too  you are sitting in front of the camera (like the joined gif Legs melt from the heat). It is important to see you from the head to your nyloned toes in high heel sandals. Comp your panty always visible, you put you tits out and fondle them. After a while you pass out in a messy state with the papers anywhere in the room. Thanks for you work !Eric